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Nice scribbling, Pete-
Some days your job is 171/2 times better than my own.
Others, 22x better.
Nice point about coming from the street into the dirt, vs dirt to street regarding KTM.
Beautiful scenery, no? Moving back to Tucson soon, where theres plenty of room for those cylinders sticken out, whereas:
..Ive always turned to look at the NYC traffic warrior on a GS- just to see if any scraping of cab would occur while wrestling through rushhour congestion.
Off to Walmart to hoard giant sacks of grain,(panic!) purchase a rifle, and see what I cant poach, then sell, to afford a new GS, here in midtown Manhattan...
I'd take Tucson over NYC any day. Though, I like Payson better. It has some great views. Almost as good as Sedona, but without all of the D-Bags, tree huggers, and freaks looking for the perfect Vortex.

Good luck on your move. And say "good-bye" to the Manhattan cost of living. Hopefully you own your place in NY, cuz it is one of the few places that hasn't been hit by the housing bubble. People are still making deals with the devil to afford a place there. You should make out pretty well.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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