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No throwing rocks at dogs, made them friends with "slim jims".
Stole the veedub at CHURCH, starting at twelve, while Maternal Unit was still dazed by cheezits and sherry.
And I guess I am addicted to 3x the power anyone needs on the street...still own old hoary 97 yzf1000r.
As already stated, would be nice to have cbr/yzf love spawn, which kinda begs the question:
Now that Honda has finally decided to be #1 in this silly catagory again, like old times, will Yamaha follow suit? Its not the 90s anymore, and unlike back then, all big4 can make monster power. What would Yam have to do?
Nice test, good salad mix of subjective/objective.
Looking forward to similar for newest wave vtwin shootout.
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