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2008 Literbike Shootout: ZX-10R vs CBR1000RR vs GSX-R1000 vs YZF-R1

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2008 Literbike Shootout

Original Article:
2008 Literbike Shootout

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First! IMHO, I kinda like the fresh styling of the Kawi, but the R1 is still lookin' pretty good. You gotta like the bike you get on everyday!
Nah, not really. That "first" [email protected] just annoys the heck out of me.
In the words of B-Rad, "Don't be hatin'!"
Wrong side of the bed, perhaps?

I am with Sachi 100% on this one, and you folks that pay attention know THAT doesn't happen every day. The 'First' thing is really f&cking annoying me. This isn't 'First' grade. If you don't have anything to say but 'First' you can stick the words of B-Rad where the sun don't shine, and that is exactly where your 'First' post is going to go too. I'm really not into moderating anyone, but this 'First' crap is going to be the 'First' thing I moderate here, and that will be the 'First' thing the next clown that does it can count on, so just cut it before I do.
I apologize! Clearly, if you look beyond the first word of my post, you will see that I actually DID have a comment pertinent to the article. Feel free to moderate if you DO NOT believe in the first amendment to the US constitution.

FYI, I was being sarcastic. I was paying homage to all those useless "first" posts of yore that never say anything with regard to the review. At least I offered an opinion about the bikes in question. Whereas, other posers... oops, I meant posters did not.

(open sarcasm) Like it really matters who is first!! (close sarcasm) And if it really doesn't matter, then what's all the fuss about?!
Let's make something clear. The First Amendment applies to GOVERNMENT censorship. MO is not government.

If you wanna complain about how we mod stuff around here, fine. But at least do so without throwing up that tired canard of the first amendment.
My point is obviously lost on you. Moving on.

Sachi, based strictly on appearance, which of these motorcycles gets your RPMs up?
1 - 4 of 125 Posts
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