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Ok, here goes. Kawasaki and Suzuki both have cheap 250hp machines that get 150mpg that they can make a profit on and still only sell them for $2500 a piece, but they know it will destroy the market so they have decided to shelve the models for another several decades while they allow for the current outdated models to sell because Honda (who actually owns every motorcycle company, which is why they no longer produce new models) wants to push out more outdated VFRs and RC51s with outdated engine development. All the while they get support funding from "big oil" contracts that encourage them to delay the already developed "future bikes" to continue to produce machines that get a third of the gas efficiency. Which is a direct link to why Microsoft allows operating systems to be released with security risks as the Chem Trails from jet airliners release chemical weapons on the public for testing and development.

How's that?
You didn't work Bush in there somehow, but I think you got the rest of them pretty good.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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