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2008 SYM RV 250 Review

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2008 SYM RV 250 Review

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What's with all the good questions? Sheesh...
Nice signature link you got there.

And the AR you have in your Avatar looks exactly like the one I used to have...and curse at repeatedly.
Ugh, I wish I had an AR to curse at. However being a full time student means no disposable firearms cash. And, living where I do poses all sorts of problems. If you wanna elaborate more on yours, I'd love to hear.
Mine was a very light and very accurate Bushmaster. But, I had feeding problems, ejecting problems, and mags (at the time) were complete crap unless you bought really expensive mags and then they were only passable.

When it worked, it worked really well. Unfortunately it was extremely tempermental and unreliable. In the end I looked at it as something I just couldn't trust to defend myself with and that is how I look at all my firearms. So I sold it at a gunshow through one of those extemely evil loopholes. :)

If you are looking for a fun military style firearm I would recommend a FN-FAL (cheaper, more reliable and good, cheap hi-cap mags), an SAR-1 (it's an AK variant, very cheap, reliable, cheap ammo and good, cheap mags) or a Springfield M1 (More expensivethan an AR, pricier mags, more expensive ammo, but reliable and accurate, and pretty neat looking).

If price is your limit here, I would go with an SAR-1. You can get one between $300 and $500 depending on reciever and country or origin.
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You must like Urals and Jawas too then. The AR-15 is the Yugo of the arms world. You can hear the recoil spring go "sproing" in the stock when you fire one. The later ones are a bit better than the old ones but the basic design guarantees that the thing will foul at some point. There's still no piston in the gas operation mechanism. Field stripping one during a fire fight was a real joy.

Typical of the govt, they've chosen a slightly upgraded AR as the "new" combat rifle. There's still no piston in the gas operation mechanism. Not surprisingly it, had the worst performance of the new rifles the Army tested. But the money will stay where it is ensuring good retirement jobs for the Generals. Gotta keep them priorities straight!
Yeah, my cursing does not compare to Seruzawa's cursing. When my AR would jam 15-20 times in an afternoon I didn't have someone returning fire. And when I had to field strip the firearm it was on the back of a pick-up truck not on the ground of a swampy jungle. But, Seruzawa can probably attest to the durability and ease in which the AK works and functions. Which is why I listed the SAR-1, which I do own.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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