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2008 SYM RV 250 Review

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2008 SYM RV 250 Review

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Nice. It really does seem to be a well thought-out and executed machine. Steve, did you test-ride the scooter at night? How was the actual "quality" of light? some bikes have lots and lots of lights on the front of them, but because nobody actually thought to try-out the machine at night, they really don't "light the way" very well, and just pyss-off oncoming traffic with glare.

And so far as "one piece cylinder head" - what do they mean by that? So far as I can remember, most-every engine I've worked-on has only "one piece" for the head (with the exception of a few GM OHC engines huge PITA to work on too!). Are they saying that it's cast-integral with the cylinder block?
Nevermind on that cylinder-head question - did a bit of digging and found an es'sploded diagram of it here:

Are Carter Bros in Alabama the only Dealer for these so far? Or does SYM have plans to expand, and use Carter for their primary distributorship?

(I know, I know - questions you probably don't have the answers to, sorry man!)
If price is your limit here, I would go with an SAR-1. You can get one between $300 and $500 depending on reciever and country or origin. Romanian SAR-1

Chambered in the cheap-and-reliable 7.62x39 cartridge. I have cases of the **** buried strategically.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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