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Good find on that diagram.

As for the second question. Carter Bros is in Alabama and they are acting as the importer/distributor for SYM. SYM approached them because of their long history of distributing Karts in the US. The SYM dealer network is growing, but they are still VERY early in their expansion. A much younger brand in the USA than Kymco, the number 1 Taiwanese 2-wheeler manufacturer.

SYM is in the process of revamping their website. Should have their dealer list updated soon (I hope).


Nevermind on that cylinder-head question - did a bit of digging and found an es'sploded diagram of it here:

Are Carter Bros in Alabama the only Dealer for these so far? Or does SYM have plans to expand, and use Carter for their primary distributorship?

(I know, I know - questions you probably don't have the answers to, sorry man!)
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