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Why buy cream if you want butter

Apparently it's worth a lot to a lot of riders, or at least their perception of the value is there. I talk to a lot of riders who spend what I consider ridiculous amounts of money for (again, what I consider) neglible performance increases.
This is true.

This phenomen generally reminds me of a friend who bought an Audi and converted it to a diesel "because he wanted a diesel". Which leaves us with the interesting question why didn't the coksucker buy a diesel from the bloody start then.

This very same happens in the cruiser kingdom all the bloody time. Stupid people like myself buy 64 rwhp lame smegmas with no worries because "power can easily be hopped up". Yes very easily after you've blown the reliability, stacks of cash and lots of effort to get to an ancient Valkyrie level of 96 rwhp. If you are lucky.

- cruiz-euro
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