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2009 Literbike Shootout

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2009 Literbike Shootout

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Great Bikes, one and all! The R-1 sounds like an RC30, and it should! The Rider will play more of a role in victory and likely few of these bikes actually sold will be ridden at even 95% of capacity!

I don't seem to see the need for a gear position indicator? ? ? If you can ride at the level that these bikes perform, is a gear position indicator really needed? Kind of like a speedometer, moot point on bikes that can break the limit in 1st gear without breaking a sweat!!! I have been riding for over 40 years and over 500K miles and currently own 5 different bikes (one has a gear position indicator) and can say that I do not even look at this feature. Not a make or break feature.

I must say that the 4th place finish for the Yamaha does come as a surprise! I am sure that Yamaha will not be happy with that! I am equally surprised ( and pleased) that the CBR was (again) chosen # 1. My friends say that when I am cut, I bleed little red HONDA "wings"! HONDA quality and all around performance is very difficult to overcome, even with more technology!
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1 - 1 of 122 Posts
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