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2010 Honda ST1300

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The Honda ST1300A is your kind of motorcycle. Its ultra-smooth fuel-injected V-4 engine can motor along effortlessly kilometre after kilometre, but it still revs like a four-cylinder Honda sportbike when you twist the throttle.
And its twin-spar aluminum frame and premium suspension contribute to the ST1300A's agile handling. Of course, comfort is key when you're riding coast to coast, so the ST gets a plush adjustable seat and an electrically adjustable windshield...
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They're not bad bikes, I suppose if you want to grind out miles but don't want a Goldwing this may be your ticket. Even though Honda shamelessly appropriated my initials, even throwing in the old "13" (sorry guys, those days are long gone...) I still wouldn't buy one, just not my style I'm afraid....too much vanilla for me. If I wasn't on the ol' Decker it'd be a Norge` or Tiger, maybe an R1200RT...K1300GT...Connie 14....hell I think the Crossbones is pretty cool looking come to that, I saw one with some upswept Samson Fishtails that was the flippin' bees knees!!
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Where you been hidin' lately?
Here and there, got some projects going at work that are proving to be pretty time consuming. Other than that I've been on for the most part.
I was a Moderator once. It was rough...the fighting, the fires, the killing. After a while I lost myself...didn't know who I was, or where I was going. Drinking in the with anyone, anywhere, anytime or any place.

Sure it looks glamourous from the outside. But untill you've stepped into that small branch of'll never know what it's like.
It's a Mans Job too be sure, the key is to detach and just consider it to be a privilege to be asked to do Gods Work.........some times I ask if it's all worth it, especially all the sex....I admit it, I'm not as young as I once was and Viagra tears you up after awhile, the hallucinations and quite frankly the wear and tear on the equipment can be daunting...sometimes I have to crawl away with my junk dragging on the ground like a tom cat......

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I used one of Jonesy's teeth as a good luck charm for a long time, if his jaw bone bouncing off my steel pot hadn't have made me duck that last RPG round would have parted my hair..............Charlie got a belly full of 5.56 on that one, his guts painted the back of that hooch...
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