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What a stone. If I wanted 20 year old Suzuki technology I sure wouldn't plunk down hard earned greenbacks (that are now worth about 6o cents each) to purchase a Korean Copy of a Japanese motorcycle.

That would like buying a Fiat 124 built in Swaziland.

And what about the deal with Frank White from ATK, Hyosung and HD? Has that been shelved?

This reminds me of the great Honda Dreamcycle debacle where Honda quit making the bike, but forgot to tell the engine produciton line, and fifty thousand or so 150 Dreamcycle motors got dumped on the market. Guess what powered the diminutive Weenie Mobile? The Banana Splits six wheelers? The Bozomobile? Gyrocopters? Yes, you guessed it.

Now we've got this powerplant to wade through for the next twenty years. Oh well, could be worse I guess, could be manufactured in India.

And now I've pooped in my pants, thanks a lot MO!
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