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Sarnali2 needs to learn about the concept of a 4-stroke engine.

0° firing interval is not the same as 360°. 360° is what it is, 360°. No need to make clever remarks.

Left side fires, while the right one has an exhaust stroke, and 360° further, the right one fires while the left one has an exhaust stroke. etc... (with both cylinders on the same crankpin) 0° would be like both firing at the same time. What's the point of that?

270° gives you that off-beat rumbling effect that most cruiser riders like and look for in a cruiser. How dumb would it be to shoot themselves in the foot by not offering it as such? It's not the first triumph to have that configuration. One of the 'new classics' has it as well. The Scrambler. It's just an effort to create a distinctive exhaust note with some individual character.

Lots of hating here, damn...

You say that Triumph already has cruisers, namely the America and Speedmaster. Well, do they sell good? Do they appeal to the average cruiser buyers with only 880cc? etc... It's not for everyone. They're a little too small for me. I'm tall, and I like my bikes watercooled and a little more up to date in the style departement. This thunderbird is more the size and style of cruiser I like.

The Rocket is considered too big. So what do you want then?

Oh, and how many European cruisers can I really choose from? I'm happy they delivered. That discontinued bmw cruiser was fugly. I'm sure as hell not going to buy an overpriced harley in Europe, have you seen the prices?

I happen to think they did a great job on this one. Apart from a few details here and there, it looks really good and well styled. I like the wheels, modern engine, good looking speedo, etc... Motor seems to be a little low on power for a watercooled 1600cc, but it's still more powerfull than the equivalent vulcan 1600 and certainly more powerful than a harley.

It's certainly different and standing out. I'd love to have a cruiser that for a change DOESN'T have a V-twin.

Something almost all of you seem to forget. It's not because they made this bike, that all of a sudden all the other bikes in the line-up will MAGICALLY disappear! Who cares? If it's not for you, get the bonneville, or a harley, or whatever. Lots of brands got 'out of character' models, who cares? Or is the V-rod so well perceived among purists? (or the XR1200)

Oh, and one last thing, there are not an infinte number of ways to design a feet forward, low seat cruiser. It's bound to have a curved teardrop tank, seperate frame, etc... Think about it.

PS: KUDOS to BEAUTIFUL photopgrahs in that article!! Nice job
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