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2011 Bagger Cruiser Shootout

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2011 Bagger Cruiser Shootout

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Bagger Cruiser Shoot Out - Misses on SomeThings

I like reading comparisons, but some important things were missing or maybe even intentionally omitted. First of all forget horsepower on baggers…the real number to compare is torque. Empirical numbers (especially horsepower) are not nearly as important as the practical use of torque….roll-ons, quarter mile, engine character, etc.
It sounds like the new H-D frame and rubber-mounted engine is the most comfortable for handling, slow speed maneuvers and long term rides. I was sold on these things vs HP or TQ.
Regarding the comments about MP3 being the new standard, check Apples Stock….the iPod is the new standard and the H-Ds deck with auxiliary input allows the use of the CDs for us old guys and both MP3 players and iPods. Seems to me, the most practical multi use stereo option is H-Ds deck. And as for the "adds weight" comment, there needs to be an amp to drive speakers whether there was a CD player or not. So the point is moot.
As for the fit of riders 5'8" or taller or shorter… seems the wealth of seat design options for an H-D make it the most customizable for fit and functionality for ANY rider. Besides, I'd rather have a seat designed for long term comfort than worry about the feel of the wider seat at a stand still (I too am under 6 feet). Also, with regards to the SG, the bike was designed to be a sporty tourer….a bike that has the benefit of looking cool. If you want or need passenger comfort….see "wealth of seat design options". Besides, (and I quote from the article re the rigid mounted engines "buzz from the Strat makes its way to the rider…..but not to the extent the Cross Country tingles"), I would rather not experience the hand and foot numbing experiences of dated, rigid mounted engines of days past vs a small investment in a seat that suits me and my passenger.
Lastly, and regarding cost….have you ever tried to sell a used Victory or Star on the "previously owned" market?? I haven't, but my friends have and they had to give-them-away. I would rather pay a small premium to be able to ride a brand that can actually give some kind of re-sale value. And that's my final point…..I'd buy a Harley-Davidson because it will provide a great riding experience (based on your articles comments) and great value.
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