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2011 Ducati Diavel Review

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2011 Ducati Diavel Review

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There's a guy at work who has decided he wants a bike. He's been looking at a used VMax, the Warrior, but was really focusing on the VRod. Yesterday I brought in my Motor Cyclist magazine with the Diavel cover story. A couple hours later he came over and said "You ruined my week. I can't afford this damn thing, but it weighs under 500 lbs and has 160 hp!"

I think Ducati is going to sell a boatload of these things to a lot of riders who otherwise wouldn't set foot in a Ducati dealership. Hell, they may wind up getting their first exposure at the local drag strips with it.

The only questions in my mind are: will anybody in Europe buy one, and if they do, who's going to teach them how to do burnouts? (No, not you, Anaranjalala).
I really want to like this as an owner and fan of the brand. I guess I'll have to see one in person because the styling just isn't working for me.

The local BMW dealer has a used Ducati Streetfighter on the floor. It's got 3000 miles and $3000 worth of exhaust and accessories on it. THey're asking $12,995.

I like expensive motorcycles but don't know that I would throw down for this one.
I stopped by a Boca chopper shop called Red Racing last week for some powdercoating info and the owner showed me several consignment bikes for sale. Every one had the same story: "He's got $74,000 in this one, we're asking $12,000. This one has an $8,000 paint job, we're asking $5,000." Five or six bikes like that... a chopper!
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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