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2012 Yamaha Super Tenere Review

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2012 Yamaha Super Tenere Review

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A very good review of a very "hot" bike.

2 thoughts:
You can probably disable the ABS by pulling it's fuse.

Why the parallel twin, when a 90 degree vee is so much better? 2 balance shafts and special timing to make it sound and feel like a vee? The vee may be longer, but it's thinner, which I'd think matters most if you're standing on the pegs.

I want one.
Yes I did know about Twingles.

I don't know about the PM issue though. Didn't it work last time? Maybe they threw an electronic MOnkey wrench in somewhere? :)
Where I come from, a "Twingle" is a Puch (sold in the US as a Sears) 2-stroke that has 2 pistons and one connecting rod. One piston pulls in fuel and air, the other compresses and fires the mix. A guy had one at the FL C2C ride.

Here's a good article on them:

Puch 250 twingle engine « Puch250′s Weblog


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"required them to balance themselves upon sharpened knives, turned edgewise to the ice; and then provided each with slender clubs"

Just another day on the MO Forums.
The concern about HP and speeds kinda points to the real mission of these bikes: pavement. Who needs 140 hp in loose gravel or sand?
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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