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2012 Yamaha Super Tenere Review

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I'd be careful about borrowing performance figures from the MCN test. I saw the numbers and they are suspect at best. There was an article in a Dutch magazine that showed the Tenere out outperforming the GS in most every performance category, including roll-on performance.

I'm wondering if maybe MCN was in TC mode 1 (default after engine start-up) or maybe this was a top gear roll-on, were the Tenere has a true overdrive. There is no way the roll-on times could have such a split...think about it. I think any reference to their numbers on this bike should be ignored. Here are the numbers from the Dutch magazine. Compare them with MCN and you'll see something wrong.

The dyno figures come close, but the acceleration is a totally different story. Roll-on is only separated by one tenth of a second, but the Tenere is wins that as well. Traction control should be turned-off for acceleration tests. I think MCN failed to do that do to that either by an honest mistake.....or. They seem to be a bit biased when its a euro bike vs Japanese....just saying.

Numbers from left to right are HP, 0-100kph acceleration, 50-150kph roll-on, top speed, wet weight, braking rate (M/s2) and price. It was a mult bike test, but the XTZ is the Super Tenere and the GSA is the BMW. Others tested were the Multi Strada and the Varadero. Doesn't this make more sense?

GSA 113 4.1 s 8.2 215 291 9.35 21.740
MUL 147 3.3 s 7.1 245 238 9.32 21.300
VAR 091 4.3 s 8.3 203 301 9.09 14.490
XTZ 104 3.8 s 8.2 221 276 10.02 16.999
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