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I've made arrangements with a new Zero dealer in Central Florida to demo the new "S." I'm really interested in seeing how far the bikes have come since I rode one two years ago. Back then they were really just mountain bikes with batteries and motors.

The new dealer is pretty excited about having these bikes to sell. The saleslady I spoke with is riding a DS to work every day and raves about it. But...take that for what it's worth....she IS a sales lady!

It's great to be here for the beginning of this new transport paradigm. In some ways, it reminds me of when I was unboxing some of the very first IBM PC's back in 1981. We didn't know where it would all end up, many people thought it was stupid or a fad, but we knew things were going to change in a big way.
Kind of a big difference there Kmo.

There wasn't a superior alternative to IBM PCs at the time.

Let's say electrics can be as good as gas for sake of argument. They're all gonna sound the damn same. Whizzzzzzzz

We'll all be little homogenized robot riders. I'm not willing to forsake the boom of a Ducati twin or the sizzle of a BMW six for a few dolphins.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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