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For reference sake, a WR250R dual sport weighs about 300 pounds.

At 310mm, the front brake, if anything, seems like massive overkill. The big rotor is more subject to damage when off road too. I would also prefer normal 21/18 wheels on a dual sport too. Likely the current wheels were chosen for efficiency and low rolling resistance. It would be fun for someone with money to burn who owns say 2.5 acres of land in a residental area to set up a track, mount some knobbies and moto on a Zero. How could the most tree hugging of neighbors complain when it makes no noise at all?

This could be great for riding the urban midnight enduro too. Stairs, sidewalks. Imagine the potential merriment and utter lawlessness this silent and capable bike could bring out in a rider. Demented minds want to know - with no gears to change, reponsive "electric smooth" power and "throttle response" tunable by iPhone (someday), might this little Zero be a good wheelie monster? Will it zip up and down a flight of stairs? I bet it can. Oh the possibilities...

As a dirt bike nut, I wonder about the characteristics of the electric motor in real no excuses hard core off road situations. How is the torque and "hook up" in techical terrain? Wondering if this bike would not be a great rock crawler. At least you don't have to worry about it getting hot and boiling over in such conditions.

Scot Harden is a hard core dirt bike and former KTM guy. I think we have more to see in the future that will be of even greater interest. Very cool. Keep at it boys. Oh, and send me one of these with the big battery pack and I will ride the hell out of it and "field test" it for you on the rocky rough trails of Colorado and report back. I know it is a major hardship for me, but I am willing to do this :D
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