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2013 Honda CB1100 Review - Quick Ride

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2013 Honda CB1100 Review - Quick Ride

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I think it's pretty cool myself, nice to see Honda tap into their own past instead of trying to spin off another 50's KnucklepanIndian cookiecutter.

A CB900 or CB1100F would be even cooler, one Honda I might be tempted by...not really but nice none the less.
Just troll the motorcycle daily forum. That's where the milk crate brigade hangs out. They are already complaining that it's too expensive and wanted it for $7999.

That's probably why it's not going to sell in huge numbers. Tightwads.
"Milk Crate Brigade" eh? roflmao..... Did you figure out which pseudonym Seruzawa is using on there yet??
K something or other.

Claims to be an engineer at Boeing.
Pfffft, figures....
The only real innovation the Japanese came out with was splitting the cases horizontally instead of vertically. Pretty much eliminated oil leaks and gave a perception of quality, the 900 Z1 was the one that really raised the bar performance wise and put Kawasaki on the map as the performance brand. It wasn't until Honda came out with the Elsinore that anyone took them seriously.
I dare say that people began to take Honda seriously nearly a decade earlier when it created a four-stroke GP bike, the incredible 250 Six, that beat the best the world could offer.
Very true, though Mike the Bike had something to do with it too. My perspective is colored by my obsession with Motocross at that time and it was the Elsinore that caught everyone flat footed. At least from a what you could buy point of view, the Suzuki factory bikes the Belgians rode were a far cry from the TM400 you could buy .
That GS is a beauty, Suzuki always did have some really nice performance oriented bikes on the street and in the dirt. At least the factory bikes were nice with Barry Sheene in GP and Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster and Slyvain Geboers in Motocross.
Suzuki OWNED the 80s between the GSXR750 and the mighty GS1150E. That E engine powered dragbikes until the factory dies finally wore out a few years back. Kwacker gave the E a good run for its money with the big Zs. Neither Honda nor Yammer ever competed effectvely with the E.
Yeah that's a killer engine. Look at the original a/o cooled GSXR engine too, it powered a generation of sportbikes then went on to power the excellent 1200 Bandit. For $500 and a phone call to Dale Walker you could bolt on close to 140 hp in a couple of hours..

Englands Superbike Magazine toured the Suzuki factory a few years ago and compared them to a Japanese Ducati, IE a single factory, huge racing department and basically hand built and blueprinted engines. I had a couple of Bandits as you know and loved them, fun bikes.
green metalflake
Yours will be rattle-can BBQ black, with lots of overspray on the headers and controls.
It's the hip Kenneth...he's afraid of how that will effect your "interludes" so he's unsure of himself...give him time and he'll come around, I'm sure of it!
I was decidedly "meh" on the CB at first, but a few days ago I was flipping through a motorcycle mag at work, and the damn thing started growing on me.

Who was the MOron who came up with the terrific phrase "event bike" to describe bikes you can't just up 'n' go on? I bet you'll ride that CeeBer a lot more than the Strom. Very good choice, Ken. I predict you'll be a very happy camper. Too bad you're 1500 miles away. We could go on a Harley/Honda ride and scandalize the bluenoses who frown on such unnatural co-mingling.
Meet in the middle and it's only 750 miles each, that's doable, oh and congrates on the new bike Ken, good choice! You'll need a flannel shirt, Levi jacket and some Dingo Harness boots to complete the look now along with your gold mettalflake 3/4 lid..
Don't forget the luggage rack with the bungeed milkcrate.
Seruzawa's got that one covered....
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