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2013 Honda CB1100 Review - Quick Ride

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2013 Honda CB1100 Review - Quick Ride

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That will go on the handy-dandy rear rack, available now from your local Honda Powerschports Dealer!

Accessories Gallery
Good picture gallery there. Looks like a perfect riding position. Can't wait for the first ride report, Ken!
I finally got to see and sit on the CB at the Honda pavilion at Bike Week. It was easy to find...people were crowded around it 3 deep.

It's more compact than I expected, but that's not a bad thing. It's very elemental; absolutely nothing extra beyond what's required to make it work. The ergos are very relaxed, the seat is low and the bike has a low center of gravity. It's easy to see what the designer meant when he talked about riding on the bike being like "going for a stroll." The only thing I didn't like was the exhaust (well that and the fact that the US version doesn't have the silver engine like the rest of the world does). The display bike had at least a thousand miles on it, and the headers looked like crap...corroded and discolored. Somebody will put out a kit for it soon enough I guess.

Honda had the new "Comfort Experience" cruiser bikes on display too. They're pretty sharp, I liked them better than I thought I would. They do look a lot like the Did Not Order One. It'll be interesting to see how they sell.
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