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2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

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2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

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I was pleasently surprised by them at the IMS, not a bad looking bike. Of course I didn't ride one but from outward looks I thought it was doable or at least competitive with the other stripped down baggers out there. Should be interesting to see how sales go with these, I think there's a market for them.
Yeah, it looks different enough from a Wing to give it a distinct character. I also think it'll see reasonably well.
I think it was a big mistake to cut the cruise control out. How much could that have saved on a $20,000 bike? 1%?
Yes these wings are awesome! Handle way better than something this size should. Very confidence inspiring. I can only imagine how much better they are 100# lighter!
Agreed. Taking off CC was unwise. Once the system is designed and implemented on a bike, it costs next to nothing to leave it there. Honda wanted to add distinctions b/n the Wing and the F6B, but this is a short-sighted way to do it.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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