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The extra width of bags is easy enough to deal with after a bit of time. As for the "test" you refer to, we are already quite certain of the results. :)
I've been street riding for over 20 years and while I never had a mishap, I still never got over the nervousness about bumping someone with my saddlebags while riding.

I recently swapped my Sprint ST for a BMW C650GT in part for this reason (though the increased comfort was also a big factor here) - with the top case, the scooter form factor affords almost 100 liters of storage without that width in the rear. It makes it easier and more comfortable to lane split, to park in the city, etc., without even considering the "throwing your ass into the canal" factor. ;-)

You give up some engine size for that of course, but 60hp is more than enough for comfortable speed on most any road in the US (it accelerates fast enough to easily outrun most from a stop light and will do 90 comfortably for those L.A. freeways). schizuki, you might want to give a maxi-scooter a try!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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