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2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0 - Video

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2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0 - Video

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I saw a guy test riding a new trophy two days ago. I was riding past the local bmw dealer and though it was an RT until I saw the plate.

It's a shameless ripoff and Triumph should be embarrassed.
I like the Connie for it's roominess, it seems to fit me better though I've ridden an ST1300 and was pretty comfy too. I'd like to see how the Trophy fit's amoungst these rigs before I made a decision to buy though.

I'd include the BMW 6 as well but since Buzz already has one I'd hate to appear a sycophant by buying the same bike..
W could come up with some kind of even and odd day schedule. Like we do with the puffy hat.
Why are we not talking about including the K1600GT as well?
Because it would be the automatic winner?

And it's 8 grand more than the others?

I've got one. It's in a class of one.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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