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Can anyone who's ridden these compare them to the BMW R1200 RT?
3 months ago I'v been in europe for 2500 km trip on the ST.
I am riding R1200RT for two years now (after many years on R1150RT), and can compare the two.
the ST feels havier, and lack the stability in high speeds.
it is smoother then the bimmer due to 4 cylinder engine Vs a boxer.
it does not vibrate as much (I don't mind).
I did'nt like the sound of it (like a sawing machine).
good mpg.
good cornering (depends on the driver).
no heating in hands or seat.
good trunk and gloves compartment ( one is lockable).
all in all, the best comparison was when I came back from the trip and got back on my bike...
if you have a spesific question, please feel free to ask.
the bimmer is a better package IMO.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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