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2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0 - Video

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2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 1.0 - Video

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You guys list the ST1300 fuel capacity as 6.6gal and state that it has "the largest tank" altough that's the same number as the FJR1300. Looking further into it, Honda states the ST1300 has a 7.7gal tank.

2012 ST1300 ABS Specifications - Honda Powersports
The Honda's fuel capacity was incorrectly listed. It is being corrected to 7.7 gallons.
Does that mean that the mpg's were figured incorrectly as well, or not?
All other fuel calculations are correct. When the chart was created the graphic artist mistakenly put the Yamaha's fuel capacity twice. A simple error that was overlooked in the editing process.
Can anyone who's ridden these compare them to the BMW R1200 RT?
We are planning a 2013 Sport-Touring Shootout 2.0 story including both the Triumph Trophy SE and BMW R1200RT and the 1.0 story's winner, the Yamaha FJR. Not sure when it'll take place, but hopefully sooner rather than later.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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