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Hello! New here! Hope I posted this in the correct section. So about 4 months ago I bought my first motorcycle, the z400 and I’ve been in love since. About two weeks ago, a nice rare sunny day in nyc after snow, I went out for a spin. I rounded a corner and felt the back tire lose traction, and down we went. Turns out it was a nice patch of black ice, something I’d overlooked. I’m fine, the bike is fine except for a few things. The handlebar on the side it landed (left) is bent in towards me (not enough to touch the tank), I had to bend the shifter back out by hand, and a few fairings just blew off. Minor damage, a local shop said 800$ would be the price of parts, and we could negotiate labor. Here’s where I need help, I did my own research on the parts from revzilla and kawa, I’ve found every piece I need, EXCEPT the fairings. I’m simply not seeing them, or perhaps the diagrams I’m shown, are simply foreign to me and it’s being overlooked. Besides 2 small fairings, the other parts (handlebar, clutch lever etc) all came to well under 300$. Are the 2 fairings I need really 250$ each? Then it made me think how I’d wanted to customize my bike, and wouldn’t that include a paint job on fairings and the tank? I’m not sure. So my ultimate questions here are a few as follows:
1) How can I properly find the fairings I need online for self order? (I know where to go, just can’t find the fairings.)
2) are my stock fairings able to be painted on and not only hold the paint, but look good? Or do I need to buy a special kind of fairing set? Just in case it matters, I just want a sleek all black bike and with red lettering on the side that says “Everything must go” in case that affects what kind of material I’d need?
3)I live in NYC queens, any good recommended shops for repair and/OR the paint job?
Thanks for any and all advice and help you may have, glad to have joined this community and looking forward to becoming a part of it. View attachment 2185
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