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A similar incident happened about ten-years ago near my Dad's place - group of teens were "playing mailbox baseball", and were causing general mayhem.

One farmer who had been a victim of this (although possibly not these teens) several times, and had his house shot at, heard the commotion late at night and investigated. He claimed he heard the boys shooting, possibly at him, so he fired the rifle he was carrying into the back of the vehicle several times, wounding one and fatally-wounding another. (although no weapon was found in the boys' possession)

It all went to trial, everybody was an absolute Saint before this incident, had never done anything wrong, blah-blah-blah. Anyhow, the farmer was Acquitted of the 2nd-degree Murder charge, and the other charges were downgraded to "reckless discharge of a firearm" or some-such, to which he pleaded guilty, and got probation.

The surviving boys got probation, community service, and fines (destruction of Federal Property - the mailbox) in a separate trial.

No "moral" of this story, the current case just reminded me of what happened back then. It's not a foregone-conclusion that the shooter will serve time in Prison, that's all.

Sorry to hear about this, my sympathies go out to the boy's Family.
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