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Of course many years have past since this article was written(10 years) yet the motorcycles tested are virtually the same now as they were then!
The Ninja is a real motorcycle which can be ridden all day at 75 mph with out any concern about bike safety or its handling abiliy! I just couldn't waste my money for a 14 year old or anybody else who wants to learn on the other bikes. My son got his when he was 14.
I ride a Ducati Multistrada 620 and we ride everywhere sometimes well over 100 miles . We may average 75-80 mph on the interstates or take the twisties in stride at 65 mph. The only modification so far is we put a K&N air filter in it which did help a little. The bike will
top end at 110 without the wind being a factor. This demonstrates that this bike can be riddent at highway speeds all day.
So fairly long trips are not out of the question. The other bikes in this test can not make that clain.

Jan Sullins
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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