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40th Anniversary for Suzuki

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The article mentions "plus the following features unique to each model" but then never elaborates? Did a part of the press release get snipped?

While I'm here, when are we going to see some reports on the SV1000? For a bike that has been so anticipated, the press is strangely silent. Is Suzook just not bringing out the test models?


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There were pictures and descriptions of each model. You can go the the for more info and pics. I should have included the link.
It's interesting that they chose the Volusia instead of the LC to carry the anniversary badge for the cruiser line. The Volusia must be their big seller.
Happy 40th Suzuki! What great motorcycles you have given us in this 40 years, GS's, GSXR's, SV's. Keep up the good work!!!

Is it just a coincidence that all these Japanese companies are finding reasons to celebrate an anniversary the same year as H-D's 100th?

Re: Coincidence?

What? Yes, it is a coincidence. You see, every year is an anniversary for something. Next year will be H-D's 101st anniversary, Honda's 56th and Suzuki's 41st. Do you understand how this system works? It's been employed for quite some time now. Other examples include the 227th anniversary of the United States this year, Willow Springs 50th anniversary, (now thats something worth celebrating).
Re: Coincidence?

It's not just the Japanese... you forgot to mention Indian and Triumph.
I know it's a Suzuki press release, but do they have to say "Suzuki" in every single sentence? It is incredibly annoying.
Re: Coincidence?

Why let a 50 year hole in your production cycle stop you? lol

What's Indian celebrating? Five years of building Softail knockoffs?
They would say "Yamaha" or "Honda", but they felt it wasn't appropriate.
Re: Coincidence?

I agree with you on the Willow Springs comment (Yellow ST4 here).

I was referring to anniversary editions complete with special models, paint, etc. Yamaha is celebrating the 25th anniversary of a bike they don't even make anymore and painting the Road Star silver and slapping badges on it.

My congrats to Suzuki. They make some awesome motorcycles.
Happy Birthday Suzuki, from the Trans-Am series in the early '70's to today you guys kick-ass. I'm lovin' my Bandit 1200 [the recognized pinnacle of moto-evolution]
Holy Smokes is that Orange/Black Hayabusa ugly or what?!?! This poor bike needs a facelift, not an ulgier paint job!
Re: Coincidence?

Seriously, they were celebrating 100 years of Indian motorcycles!
I didn't think the 'busa job was that bad. The same can't be said for the GSX-R600, though (IMO).
Re: Coincidence?

Oh well, you've got to get hype any way you can I guess.

I won't be riding one anytime soon unless someone wants to donate a '46 Chief to me.
Re: Coincidence?

Yamaha was celebrating 25 years of making cruisers, not 25 years of making the XS650. It's no different than Suzuki celebrating 40 years of selling bikes in the U.S., or H-D celebrating 100 years of making motorcycles.
Re: Coincidence?

Well, actually HD's bikes bear a striking resemblance to their bikes of 100 years ago. Some even appear to still have a total-loss oiling system. (Just kidding.)
Re: Coincidence?

Don't forget the Royal Enfield "Indians" of the 60s.

Does that make it only 48 years of no production?

Maybe we could start our own country. We could call it The Roman Empire and claim that we're celebrating 4 thousand years of existence.
BTW, I love your name.
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