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$500-Road King Classic Motorcycle For Sale-$500

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Code :2506
MFG :Harley Davidson
Model :Road King Classic
Year :2002
Mileage :14,000
Asking Price :$500
City :Douala
State :Littoral
Status: Second Hand


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Do you ship to the Continental United States?

I will send you a Certifide Chek for $3500.00 (three-thousand five-hundred US dollers) and you can keep $1500.00 (one-thousand five-hundre US dollers) and refund-me the difference by wire-transfer?

I have my Representative to pick-up the Motorcycle in Littoral and mail it to me via Boat?

What is your bank-account number and password, so I can transfer the monys into your account?
I saw that too in my search results but diddnt investigate, was more curious if it was even a real place, and I guess this $500.00 Road King could be on a shoreline near any of us.
It's mine! MY MARK! He's all MINEMINEMINE! Stop scarin' him away - I'm about to make $2000.00 (two-thousand dollers US) AND score me a new Road King!

Go Away, Yo!
But I'm the one with the Casheers Chek for $3500.00 (three-thousand five-hundred US dollers), so he's gonna want MY business!

You guys go away, or I'll send my Representative to your house to collect your Motorcycles and mail them by boat to me!
YAY for a good winter ride just got back the cold was fine, no thermals and I still was fine, t shirt jeans, chaps & coat, but 35-40MPH wind gusts made me come home a lil quicker then I would've liked. I diddnt think they would throw arround 1000 lbs quite that easily. Mother Nature can be a *****. This time tomorrow we'll be getting our start of another 8-12 inches of snow (again)
We're about to catch that any minute now. Well, after the ice and freezing rain.

Give me just plain old SNOW any bloody day.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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