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$500-Road King Classic Motorcycle For Sale-$500

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Code :2506
MFG :Harley Davidson
Model :Road King Classic
Year :2002
Mileage :14,000
Asking Price :$500
City :Douala
State :Littoral
Status: Second Hand


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Well I live near the coast so yer outta' luck, bucko!! what color did he say it was???
Ha hahahahahahaha! You need a Klazy Ken Seminar on Internet Scamming. Even sarnali won't fall for this one.
Hey buddy, I can buy 2 of them for $500 each and sell them for $9000 each......that's.....(2x9000.00......carry the's right...)..$18000.00 US!! BUDDY!!!!!!!! and it only cost me.....($ gas to get to Littoral...wonder where the f*ck that $25 bucks for dollar menu Micky D' a $26.00 box of .357 hydrashox's incase that sum' b*tch Star guy or Airsquawk get's there first.....ummm...) $1051 bucks US plus gas....

Boy I can't wait, I'll sell you one there Seru ol' buddy for $8999.00 HA hah hah ha hah hah hah hah ...(snork).....
Add it's only 44 degres today with a high of 51 coming and up to a foot of snow tomorrow so I'm gonna get on my poseresque jap bike and "settle" for it until I get my Road King. Talk amongst yourselves.
Pansy, Manly harley guys like me don't even bother wearing a coat if it's a sweltering 51 degrees out. A foot of wet snow just makes it easier to do Jay Springsteenesque feet-up powerslides......
LMAO does the tank badge help keep it rubber down?
Nah, my large yet shapely ass usually takes care of that......

It was 40 and foggy this morning, up to 50 and cloudy now with a chance o' rain. So far we've had a pretty mild winter even by our standards. We had a week or so in the single digits, the rest has been the usual 45 and showers. My Aerostitch jacket and pants with the fleece liner and fleece pants handles it with no problem, I just throw a pair of jeans in the saddlebag for work and I'm fine.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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