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600 Supersport Update From Daytona

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When you guys post the results (if you do), please do your best to hide them so that people trying tor read other news items don't have to see them. (Some of us like to wait until we can see the race on TV, even though that is going to be several weeks form now).
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Aww come on steve, I can't see the race, I know it's going on, soooo,I wanna know what the h**l is happening down there.Besides, Aaron and the gixxer are gonna win, aren't they???So not much mystery then!!!
Don't worry! We won't let you know that a MDH won on a bike who's slogan is Ride Red.
I agree with Steve, I didn't go this year (first time in five years that I haven't) and I wish I hadn't seen who won... oh well.

Go Miguel!
Yeah--let's have NBC Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics-like coverage and not talk about it until the ESPN rebroadcast in, what?, a week?

Yahoo to Miguel! Really, NO other racer has more heart than he does.
I'm not saying that MO should not cover the race. I'm saying, they should put the details, results, etc. far down in the news store, so you actually have to click the more.. to get it. Don't say "X won" as the subject, or put it anywhere else in the initial body of the story.

Regarding MO's race coverage, they don't seem to think it is that important. Although I disagree, I know there are other places to go look (AMA Superbike, or the AMA site for AMA races). But I recall at one time they were talking about doing something to cover GP or WSC, not much for the AMA series. I think that is wrong, unless they really think the majority of their readers care more about world racing, than the local series. Covering an AMA event has got to cost less than going overseas, or using a European correspondent.

How about you ask MO readers who attend races to send in results. You could pay them a nominal fee to phone in the results and times. It would be fine, I'd give it a try when I go to the Mid-Ohio event.

Oh, since I already read that Miguel won (thanks Minime, I guess I should have not followed my own thread), go Miguel, team Honda, Red Riders, the almighty CBR600 (yep, I have a 2000 F4).
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I knew one of the Honda boys was going to win. They will be taking the win in Superbike also. Honda kicks ASSSSS!!!!!!!!
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

Dear M.O.:

I'm shocked. Why did you delete my post "Re: 750 Supersport Update From Daytona"(and "blip"'s response? I didn't use any profanity and I didn't violate any copywrite laws. Was it really off topic?

I'd like a public response from you. I think it is is inappropriate to delete posts simply because you are personally unhappy with the contents.
Daytona is well-read, but on the whole, the AMA series isn't worth covering. Remember, we have seven years or readership data to analyize: The past couple of years, WSB has been the most-read, the GPs a distant second and AMA, after Daytona, is really poorly read. Thus, Glenn LeSanto will be at all the WSB races, Colin MacKeller will cover GPs for us. And it's cheaper to travel/lodge in Europe than it is here. You wouldn't believe it, but it's true.

Again, look to the print world for an analogy: Cycle World, general interest magazine, 330,000 circulation, Roadracing World, racing magazine, mostly US, 12,000. So it is with us. Our time is better spent here reviewing bikes. Even the Vino Scooter review does better than race coverage.

We only cover races because I dig motorcycle roadracing. Very few people care. Have you ever been to Daytona? There's 400,000 riders outside, and the stands are virtually empty in the Speedway. It's sad...
I look at it this way. Even though I knew who won, it would still be a good race that I'd want to see at least a couple of times. Go Miguel! (What in the hell happened to Yates and Hacking?).
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

It's not that the post included profanity, but every every single post of yours has been extremely negative and never offers a solution to your gripe for the day. It served no real purpose and did not add anything to the race coverage or serve to benefit anybody. Therefore it was removed.

As in the above post, we have no problem with readers who post a gripe and follow it up with a proposed solution. If you can temper your negativity a bit and/or include what you propose to remedy the supposed shortfall, then it is a relevant post and will remain to be seen by everybody.
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

Ya M.O. what the hell is going on with you guys. Put his post back up.
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

We don't delete posts, certainly not ones where I've taken the time to respond. ;-) Let me see what's going on... probably Calvin or Minime was going to moderate it down and hit "D" instead of "M". I haven't seen that you've ever posted poorly worded items...

As for your line: "I think it is is inappropriate to delete posts simply because you are

personally unhappy with the contents." Here's your publically response: MO is very open about taking criticism. But this is our site, actually, my site. Our policy is not to delete anything unless it's inflammatory or slanderous. We just moderate down off-topic posts so no one sees it. That said, mistakes happen, and it is our site, we'll delete whatever we deem inappropriate, we are, after all, the owners and the overall moderators of MO: We decide what is worthy of publishing and when.

There's been a lot of grumbling around here lately, we grow tired of the never-ending flames, especially when people aren't reading what we write: How many times have we said that racing, especially American racing, is a puny minority of our readership? And that minority tends to be vocal and complain all the time. That it's a horrid use of resources given the readership return? That we wouldn't be covering it if we weren't in that minority of fans? See my response to Steve above...
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I can vouch for the Daytona attendance. I was there last year and the stands were e-m-p-t-y. And as for Daytona Bike Week? There are literally thousands of people in town that are oblivious to the fact that there's even a race going on up the road!

Well, there's one for the Guiness Book. Now I think I'll have a Guiness...
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

Gee, it seems that contrary to your "7 years of data" (contained in another post in this general thread), there IS a GREAT amount of interest in racing and specifically in AMA racing. There would be MORE interest in GP racing if there was MORE coverage. My suggestions? Send at least one person, or arrange for a friend/racing enthusiast to attend AMA race weekends and provide MO with timely (say, when each race ends?) results for posting.

But did you really need ME to provide you with the answer you already had? I'm not so negative. I'm just a little tired (as are quite a few regular site viewers) of constant boasting that MO is king of the online motorcycle world. Well, you aren't, there are things you can do better. Stop patting yourselves on the back, do better, and let US, the readers, pat you on the back.

And, when you do better, we will. Reall. Why do you think people donated money to you?
Re: M.O. Censored Me! Are You Afraid Of Something?

Doh! I didn't mean to bold the ENTIRE thing! Ack! Oops.
Re: M.O. whine with that cheese?

I can appreciate that (1) it's your site, (2) mistakes happen, and (3) that racing isn't your biggest readership draw.

However, racing fans are the loyal kind (as evidenced by their bike brand loyalty), who are likely to actually pony up the dough when you start charging. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd guess that folks won't be paying you $11.94/yr to read scooter reviews.

As for the level of complaining from racing fans... maybe, just maybe, if you consistently put up reasonably comprehensive coverage (i.e. not just a list of finishing order) in a timely fashion... then maybe there would be less complaining. Maybe. I know that it would make me happier.

And while we're on the subject of excessive complaining... the whining from MO staffers about the complaining is becoming tiresome. This is your chosen profession, and your chosen audience. You chose to put up bulletin boards, you have to expect it. Like you said, it's your site. If the complaining is becoming unbearable, perhaps you need to take concrete steps to curb the problem. There are too many possibilities to list, but pleading with the masses is unlikely to help, since the ones posting the ridiculous flames and complaints probably aren't listening.
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Re: M.O. whine with that cheese?

We have the aforementioned troll control. Sadly, teamprobono has now made the rank of troll, so we won't be hearing from him for three days.

And you're wrong, revenues will come from the feature article readers. Racers can always get results from the AMA for free, and tend to be cheap (racing is expensive!). Mind you, I went to every AMA race with our team, Colin and Glenn DO do live WSB and GP results, and I'll say it again: It's not worth it in a $$$/readership analysis. Not even close.
Final Results from the AMA 600 Supersport Race at Daytona

1. Miguel DuHamel (Honda) (6th Daytona 600 victory)!!!

2. Nicky Hayden (Honda)

3. Anthony Gobert (Yamaha)

4. Kurtis Roberts (Honda)

5. Eric Bostrom (Kawasaki)

6. Jamie Hacking (Suzuki)

7. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha)

8. Aaron Yates (Suzuki)

9. Jake Zemke (Honda)

10. Josh Hayes (Honda)

Margin of Victory: 0.205 seconds

This is Miguel DuHamel's sixth Daytona 600 Supersport Victory and his 38th career Supersport victory.

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