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Re: M.O. whine with that cheese?

I can appreciate that (1) it's your site, (2) mistakes happen, and (3) that racing isn't your biggest readership draw.

However, racing fans are the loyal kind (as evidenced by their bike brand loyalty), who are likely to actually pony up the dough when you start charging. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd guess that folks won't be paying you $11.94/yr to read scooter reviews.

As for the level of complaining from racing fans... maybe, just maybe, if you consistently put up reasonably comprehensive coverage (i.e. not just a list of finishing order) in a timely fashion... then maybe there would be less complaining. Maybe. I know that it would make me happier.

And while we're on the subject of excessive complaining... the whining from MO staffers about the complaining is becoming tiresome. This is your chosen profession, and your chosen audience. You chose to put up bulletin boards, you have to expect it. Like you said, it's your site. If the complaining is becoming unbearable, perhaps you need to take concrete steps to curb the problem. There are too many possibilities to list, but pleading with the masses is unlikely to help, since the ones posting the ridiculous flames and complaints probably aren't listening.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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