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600SS Results from Laguna Seca

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Hmmmm. From this lineup it appears that one could guess which 600 is the best. This sort of data is senior to the opinions of journalists.
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I see the "Go-Show" was a no-show. What happened? Didn't get to see it yet, was working...

-v2-90 has the race results of the superbike race... Gobert 7th Hayden 2nd and Bostrom 1st... MO still sucks big time!
With the number of Suzukis in this field, no one else should finish in the top ten.
Agreed. There wasn't ANY news for one week and now they scramble to come up with news that can be found found days earlier on FREE sites.

I tried to keep quiet and give MO the benefit of doubt but man, their subscritpion model sucks! They were better before going subscription!

What a waste of my $12.00 - Comp Acc discounts? "What discount" says Comp Acc rep...

Glad my subscription is about to expire - if MO wants to keep me, they can pay ME!
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I take your point.

But then again, that fact that almost everyone races Suzukis says much.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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