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70 HP / less than 300 lbs?

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Bring it on Aprilia!
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For what it's worth Aprilia is defining this engine as an off-road engine. I wouldn't expect to see it in street-based bikes unless Aprilia thinks it can meet the much tougher noise and pollution requirements for such machines. Nothing on their website encourages such thinking.

After all, there are plenty of off-road only two-stroke dirtbikes. They are sold profitably without any intention from the manufacturers to make them street legal. Eventually they are being phased out. Aprilia may have no intention of ever making this engine available in a street legal machine.

Time will tell.

It'll be interesting to see if a 70 HP engine that requires 14,000 rpm to make that 70 HP will be able to compete in the dirt. Will it need a 10 speed transmission? Is there any midrange torque at all? What about the inherently slower revving response of a 4 stroke over a two stroke? This may not be a problem in road racing, but dirt is an entirely different animal.

I wish Aprilia luck.
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Ummmm, the death of two-stroke offroad (and street) motorcycles is most definitely not the result of consumer choice. It is plain and simple govt mandate.

I'd take a two-stroke powerplant for any kind of performance riding over a four-stroke. Four-strokes make better tourers (unless you fit 10 gallon tanks to two strokes) or cruisers, but for sportbiking or dirtriding two-strokes are immeasurably superior. They would dominate still today if they could meet pollution mandates.
Hey. I went snowmobiling last weekend and on the way home in my truck we almost hit a Golden Eagle that was eating some road kill! Two bad I wasn't on a Harley, eh?
You know what else is ironic? The announcement of this motor isn't met by an avalanche of catcalls from MOrons about how inferior it is because it doesn't have 100+ hp. I was beginning to believe that 100HP was the minimum acceptance level for a motorcycle.
It puts out about 42HP and 59 Ft-lbs. Way below the minimum necessary to be cool. But it gets an estimated 80 mpg in a light car. Not bad. Imagine the mileage on a motorcycle. 100+? A gas engine would be faster but you could go 500 miles between fill ups. In an off road bike you'd never worry about running out!

How many gas engines can run 250 hours at full output?

Diesel performance is a bit strange compared to gas since they get less HP but loads of torque.
Heh heh. I bought a new two-stroke snowmobile this year so I can avoid the coming mandate that will force people on overweight four-stroke machines. As much as I use one (maybe 200 miles a year) it'll last me 20 forever.

I might just make a point of picking up a couple more two-stroke dirt bikes to keep in reserve just so that I can have the pleasure of pi$$ing off the enviro-nazis for years to come.
A friend of mine had one of those! He piped, ported and put high compression pistons in it. It probably got about 17-18 HP. It had a powerband that was about 2000 rpm wide. But it really screamed (literally) for a 125 at the time. I rode it a couple of times, but got tired of people flipping me off and shaking their fists.
Yes. Well, now that I go around with an eyepatch, a knife in my teeth and a human skull hanging from my belt they quit doing that.
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