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Looks like...

I too was on Indy, from 78 - 81; my first ship. I was a fresh-caught (NROTC) Ensign, and was in R-Division for the first two years. One of those years I was the ship's Fire Marshal. I sat the Engineering Officer of the Watch; I usually spent a lot of time trying to explain why we had fuel in the drinking water.

I then went to Navigation Division so I could get my Warfare quals, then it was off to Dive School.

Still in the Reserves. Retirement date is 1 September.

I didn't ride a motorcycle until I was 36.

Welcome to the site, Marine!
...I'm the only ex-swab jockey here who WASN'T on one of those bird farms.

You poor [email protected] LOL!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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