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Re: Speaking of NASCAR

I hate NASCAR, but not because it's an "easy" sport. It actually takes a lot of skill to do what those guys do. In principle, it's similar to flat track or dirt track, which has produced some of the top racers (currently look at Garry McCoy and even the Haydens). If one is focused on only one aspect of a sport, all other sports will seem trivial because they are not centered around that aspect. Being a closed circuit racing fan and trying some on my own, I am often tempted to discard something like NASCAR as a dumb sport because they only turn left. The thing is it's not about going through a seres of turns, but rather being able to consistantly keep a vehicle on the edge, much closer to the edge than on a road course. On an oval, one has to keep finding traction and establishing a good drive under constantly changing conditions over a large number of laps. It's not easy. But I don't like NASCAR and it's for personal reasons: I simply don't like the technology and the rules. That's it. Let's face it, most of us complain a lot less when we see an Indy Car race or a CART race on the same oval.
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