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A Buell Cruiser? Hey! It could Happen, if I had my way.

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Re: A Buell Crusier? Hey! It could Happen, if I had my way.

There are already too many cruisers, aren't there?
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Re: A Buell Crusier? Hey! It could Happen, if I had my way.

As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I want. I think a Buell-framed, V-Rod powered, Sportster-type bike would be a really good idea.

Wait! Before I go any further, let me say, right from the Get-Go that I already know this is a pipe dream. Now, that’s been said, I’ll continue to put the noose around my neck, so you guys can kick the chair out from under me…No need to thank me; after all, what are friends for. Now, here’s the deal…

Harley is reluctant to innovate because of its fear of alienating their customer base. Buell, on the other hand, as a separate division of Harley, isn’t nearly as hide-bound to tradition, and is much freer to try new ideas. Now, let’s face it, the Harley gravy-train isn’t going to last forever. The way I see it, Harley will probably getting pretty close to market-saturation, in the not too distant future. Once that happens, Harley’s going to need to innovate. And, I think, the only way Harley will be able to innovate, without alienating their existing customers, would be to create more advanced designs at Buell. Then, having established those designs at Buell, Harley could adopt those designs, and rightfully claim them as their own. Hence, a Buell cruiser.

Now, here’s where it gets good. Once Buell becomes an integral part of Harley’s design strategy, Erik Buell would be given more autonomy, and possibly be able to create a REAL sportbike.
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Longride and serusawa's Points well taken...

Though, you’re points are valid, and understood, I am considering several things.

In the future, Harley’s popularity may begin to plateau, along with sales and profits. While a certain market-segment will always continue to remain loyal, growth will be hard to maintain, as the motorcycle landscape diversifies and younger people move up into the Harley-demographic. And, It’s going to take a balancing act to keep both of these groups happy. Positioning Buell, as Harley’s innovative R&D subsidiary, would allow forward thinking designs to be brought into play for, younger customers, while not pi$$ing off the older ones.

As for Buell, while I don’t see them as ever building a Dresser, I do think, that if they mellowed out the geomitry and added some aminities, they could they could create a very nice sport-touring package, using their frame, and pave the way for Harley to introduce, said, frame into its line up.

As for me, I'm not much of a cruiser guy but, from a visual point of view, I think a Harley cruiser would look very cool...
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Re: buzglyd

I think the BMW R 1200 GS might cover that one. Don’t know about the Cruise-Control, but the CD player wouldn’t be too hard to hook up.
Re: A Buell Crusier? Hey! It could Happen, if I had my way.

And, by the way, I'm not NUTS!

I took a MMPI test, a while ago, and it came back Eccentric. In other words, I'm crazy by choice, rather than by pathology. So, THERE!
In answer to, good,sarnali...

In answer to, Good, sarnale: A question, I have...What, exactly, would that, Excellent, Harley touring-platform be?

While a Sportster might be an fine, entry-level standard- motorcycle, it is not, by any stretch of my imagination, what I would call sporty, or a tourer, considering that a FZ600 could whip up on a Sportster, any day of the week, then, travel several hundred miles, while the Sporty-rider is trying to get feeling back into his lower extremities.

Eccentric, though it may be, I do believe we might want similar things. However, my idea of a touring bike, is probably different from yours.
Re: A Buell Crusier? Hey! It could Happen, if I had my way.

Yeah, well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Re: Buell Chopper

No Sh!T!
Re: Buell Chopper

I meant: That's no Shyite :)
Re: In answer to, good,sarnali...

Like I said, your idea of touring might be different from mine. I tend to lean toward the sport-end of the spectrum. From my point of view, neither of the bikes you've mentioned would serve that purpose.

Also, I am considering the future, among other things that I'm sure are going to come up, as we continue…
Re: In answer to, good,sarnali...

Hey, lighten up. I'm just looking at what might be cool alternatives for Harley's future; not slamming anybody.

Personally, I think Harley's dependence on decades-old technology will, at some point, lose its appeal.

When you look at the up-coming, video game generation, and X-riders; how do you honestly think Harley will fare, in that demographic?
Well said, all of you...

As, has been stated, I haven't been around very long, so I don't know when I'm visiting the Dead. However, it has been nice to get a primer on the various opinions on this subject.

Alvin Toffler, I'm not; only the future will tell, when it gets here. My guess is that we'll all be right, and wrong, to some extent. Over the years, numerous good ideas have languished in motorcycle, and car, showrooms, while more established, less rational rides went out the doors. Hey, markets are screwy.
Re: If I may interject here....

I really liked hearing Queen's, I Love MY Car, again. Great song! Now, if someong could just figure out how to use Iggy and the Stooges, I Just Want to Be Your Dog, for a mattress company :)
Re: Ground Hog Day

Wondered where you were.
Re: Well said, all of you...

Build a better magic elf trap, and the world will beat a path to your door
Re: You're all wrong. Er, or maybe you're all right, sorta.

If there's one thing that drives me absolutely crazy, it's the way guys will lay out obscene amounts of money for Harleys, then, justify it by resale value. Well, good luck to them...

I always buy Cycle Trader and, month after month, it's full of the same Harleys, again and again (go figure?).
Judicial correspondence to Chief Justice Pdad13

I "studied" your reply to Buz (it read like a Supreme Court decision). And, since our ideas agree, you’ll get no dissenting opinion from me.

Bet your kids asked why, once, and that was it. :)
Re: You're all wrong. Er, or maybe you're all right, sorta.

Note to self: Never argue with pdad13 (Damn, that boy likes proving a point!).
Re: You're all wrong. Er, or maybe you're all right, sorta.

I'd like to see Buell do well, too. I love V-twins, but that pushrod sporty mill don't exactly trip my trigger. Drop something like KTM's RC8 in there, and I'll be waiting for the Credit Union doors to open, next morning.
Re: Judicial correspondence to Chief Justice Pdad13


Now, there’s a successful marketing scam…Whew! Talk about perception not living up to reality. Hey, I love my kids, but when in comes to initial cash out-lay, and maintenance, sign me up for a Harley.
Re: Buell Chopper

That’s interesting, but I was thinking more along the lines of the Buell, perimeter, gas-filled frame. Wouldn’t happen to have a link to one of those, would ya?
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