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Well don't leave us hanging Darlin'...What's wrong with Icon????

Seriously, I Stick to Shoei's myself but is there an issue with Icons? I don't recall hearing anything but if you had a bad experiance then let us know what's what?
That's kinda what I was thinkin' - I've had three of 'em now, with the exception of a loose chinbar-vent on my current one, zero problems with them.

My advice is: Buy what fits properly and is comfortable. If it hurts your head when riding, or you have to constantly be "adjusting" it because it's too loose - your mind is on your helmet - NOT on the road (and those 300-million other roadgoers that "can't see you" at the least, or detest every fiber of your being at the worst).
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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