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A Gift from MO

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Holy Sh#t!!! That thing looks like fun... I should get busy and drop a gixxer engine into a drakart or something...
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Talk about some nasty powerslides! That's one thing I'll never manage on a bike. ;) Yeehaw!!
I want one! MO has got to do a write up on this!
I'd want some bigger wheels and tires!

How in the hell could you ever tear yourself away from the track? I've never seen anything that looked like that much fun. There's gonna be a big demand for adrenal gland replacement therapy. This machine is gonna blow out a bunch of them.
I've been watching it, volume maxed, about once an hour since I found it yesterday.

I tell you, I'm just sitting here giggling and scheming.... people in the office are wondering what my issue is.

Do you think there might be some sort of therapy for this sort of thing?
Thats just sick, in a good way.

Lordy, that would put some serious dark spot on anyones undies.
Build one!

Shifter Karts are a common first step for young F1-hopefuls.

But you could easily buys the neccesary pieces and drop in the engine of your choice.

Now, what I've been contemplting the last few days, if Suzuki makes such bad-ass 1 liter 4s, why don't their car engines benefit from this, and get, say, 3 liter v-12s? I'd buy one then.

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Now, I might be completely fscked in the head, but I'm imagining this beast to kick out around 475 hp, and 250 lb/ft, (at, admittedly, the similarly ludicrous 10k rpm, though, looking at a dyno chart, the GSXR torque curve is fairly flat across the 4k - 10k range, which we might be able to expect out of a identical bore and stroke 12) which, coupled with a 6 speed transaxle and a mid mounted engine, should give us a truly kick ass sports car. In the $35k to $40k range, it would compete fiercely with just about anything on the market.

Sorry, I realize that I'm talking cars in a motorcycle forum, but hey, it is Suzuki... ;)

I spent some time racing shifter karts in WKA and SKUSA, before I got seriously into motorcycle racing.

I'm thinking that a modern, lightweight 600 (or 636) cc inline-4 would be the engine of choice. Still well over 100hp, but lighter and much less torque stress on the chassis, than that old GSX-R 1100 mill in the Gixxer Kart. Torque doesn't seem to be something the kart would need that much of, seeing as there is already "on demand" wheelspin with just a wimpy little 39hp 125cc two stroke TM race motor in a typical shifter kart.

I'm thinking a crude but modern interpretation of a 1970's tube-framed Cosworth DFV powered F-1 car, but on a 50% scale, but way less than 50% of the weight. Properly set-up and driven, I'm thinking I could make a credible attempt at a sub 1:10 lap at Willow Springs.

Somebody please help me, before I start hitting the junk yards and end up hurting myself.
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Saw the video, very interesting. No goggles, glasses, shield? Now that's Crazy! Seriously though, Yossef is definitely too tall for optimum aerodynamics on this vehicle. Since I am shorter it is obviously logical for me to do the test instead. Where do I pick up my ticket?
Actually, I 've often wondered if you could make a v8 out of the old 750 motors (now the liter motors). Compact, high power to weight, slap it in a miata (or other small car) body, and you might see 250hp and a seriously dangerous street car.

Sorry got off motorcycles here.
A year or so ago, there was a short piece somewhere on the web about class racing cart type cars with Hyabusa motors overseas.

Class racing being bigger in europe than here in the U.S. according to the article.

Close to F1 performance but not quite as fast on the top end. Ground effect & the whole shootin' match.

The cars would cost in the 25-30k range.

For that kind of price,screw racing..just go out and see how many laps you can live through!!!!!!

I couldn't find the article but I can't get the video to run from downloading or the link either.

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The article I read last year was for open wheel cars but this'll do.

Ifn' you gotta drive a car.........,.

I like it. I say go for it. You have any idea where to get blueprints for something like that? I think it's a great idea.

You'd have to cast and mill your own bottom end and crankshaft, but at least you could re-use the jugs, heads, and induction system without modification, although the ignition system would require reworking.

I think a Miata would still weigh far too much. Think Lotus 7, or some similar old superlight british sports car. Or better yet, a tube chassis car with old british sports car bodywork. Now that would rock.

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