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A Harley doing the Dakar Rally?

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Re: A Harley doing the DAKAR Rally?

I wish them luck. They are, of course completely insane.

Can you imagine being the "monkey" for the entire race?
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Hey, this was posted on MO, land of the sarcastic, caustic, and spastic. We love you dearly, worry for you sincerely and hope that you clearly know what the fup yer doing. All my best. I'll get of off my ass when it's large enough to stand on its own. Now what's the name of your memorial fund?
Those guys are nuts!Like the wright brothers ,leif erickson, ,charles darwin,charles lindberg,men on the moon,the mars rovers,albert einstein,tesla,martin luther king,jfk,welllllllll,helllllllll come to think of it they are in pretty good company! Pioneers all,I wish them luck, and h-d should get behind these guys!!!
Give me a break!

All those people you list fundamentally changed the world as we know it. All this team has done so far is enter a race that hundreds of teams enter every year ... and have entered for decades.

Even if they win outright, which is highly questionable (and not due to the choice of powerplant, either), they would just be the 2006 Paris-Dakar champions. Ask John Q Public to name even one of the last five champions and I'll bet you would be lucky to get 10% that know what the race is and about 1% that will be able to supply a name. Only a quarter of those will get that name right.

This isn't worthy of even being mentioned in the same breath as the people on your list.
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Well,Im 53 and still race MX (vintage) and dirt track (vintage). On Harleys no less!!!!! Okay,okay so theyre Italian HDs If you go to dirt track races or the drag strip,you'll see plenty of harleys being raced. And I think youd be surprised at how many HD riders ride their bikes often and hard (i think more than 5%). We dont usually abuse them and try to keep them clean and maintained,but Im not sure thats a bad thing.
Any body with the guts,determination and persistence to put together a viable DAKAR effort is worthy of admiration. To do it as a sidecar monkey---thats over the top! To me, the Harley aspect is strictly a sidebar....the neat thing is the sidecar aspect. Good luck to them!!

Well, they had lots of practice in Afganistan ducking Mujahadin

You make John Burns look positively glib by comparison.
Lighten up Frances.. You might be too thinned skinned to ride Dakar if you can't even take a little joshing from the MOrons..

I however wish you the best of luck and hope you not only finish but kick @ss along the way.
In related news, the Vatican has announced that the next pope will be a Mormon...the old-skool kind.

Personally, I wouldn't want to take a water-cooled anything into the deep desert. The liquid, combined with the big "thumps" of the engine are liable to bring sandworms. Hope the monkey is up on his weirding weapons. Yeah, I went straight to sci-fi geekdom. You can't stop me; don't even try.
Italian Harleys?! How many realiability jokes are there here, guys?
Oh, By the way, does anyone remember the Europaean fellow what went round-the-world on an R1? I got his signature on my tee-shirt at the last IMS in Atlanta, but now can't remember anything else about him.
Sounds like a GREAT idea. They may learn enough to start making bikes that are performance machines.
Ok, I'll admit it, this is cool! I truly wish HD would put together a factory sponsored effort to race in things like this.

On a side note; After all this work with the V-Rod. I'll bet these guys cried when they got a look at the new Buell!

Also, like some of you have been saying. I too, pity the poor monkey. I see a very sore back and bum in his future!

More power to these gentlemen. Harley rules!
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