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A Moore Timely Reminder!

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Last month I jumped the gun on "National Ride Your Frikin Motorcycle To Work Day, and thought it was 6/18/07." The blessed event is actually this Wednesday, 7/18/07, just two days away. I have no idea if this event will ever have any positive impact on our sport, but what the heck, it couldn't hurt.

Here's the website: Ride To Work | Ride To Work

Have fun!
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Numbness From Vibration

If my numbness goes away by then I'll ride, probably ride either way though.
Numbness can be caused by several things, like body position or type of seat you have. But it is most commonly caused by vibration. Vibration in motorcycle riding can be caused by many different things. Obviously, the type of bike you have is a factor. If it's supposed to vibrate, it's gonna vibrate. But if you have a bike that's not supposed to vibrate, maybe you need a tune up. In addition to above, have both wheels statically and dynamically balanced. This reduces wobble, increases road holding ability, reduces tire wear and reduces rider fatigue. You should check forks and swing arm for correct operation. Vibration can occur when there is a lack of fork oil and too much side play in the swing arm. Check the pannier box lids for proper fit and that they are locked. Check for worn neck bearings, for a bad motor mount, for tire pressure and tread, and for wheel weight problems. All of these factors contribute to motorcycle seat vibration problems, Also, hand fatigue caused by vibration in the handlebars can be remedied by changing to better handlebar grips. :)
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