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First off, my apologies if my post was seen as nothing more than a ruse to make people go to places to which they do not wish. I am a strong believer in the will of man and doubt that such strong willed folk as yourselves could be wooed into doing something against your will. We simply wish to let people know that we have returned...from the beyond as it were. We have been instructed by our venerable secretary, Mrs. Ramsbottom, that the interweb or whatever you call this thing, is the way in which humans now do this. Long gone are the days of the penny post I suppose....<sigh>. Anyway, my apologies if my previous post proved to be too distracting or otherwise some sort of block in the normal flow of conversation. I will endeavour not to further aggravate you with such things.
For those of you interested in the goings on here at the Phantom works, then let me also pass on the sad information that the show where we had hoped to publicly display our handiwork has been canceled. So we are thinking of how we might still present our work to an interested public. I hope that I will not offend if I bring any updated information regarding this issue to this august panel. We are thinking of publishing some advance photos on our website in the next three weeks and here of course too if we can figure out how such a thing might be done.
As for Spagthorpe...such a tragic tale. Personally, I thought the man a genius at first. But then, as is frequently the case in the high born, tragedy seems to shadow such figures. I believe his engineering prowess began its decline with his dogged exploration of square wheels for off-road conveyances. He believed there was a certain pattern of protrusion and depression in nature's surfaces and that if the wheel was of the correct dimensions it could pass over the high bits and land the corners in the low bits thus resulting in a smooth ride. Nature proved a bit more chaotic and uncooperative and I do not believe old Spagthorpe ever forgave mother nature for her insolence.

Tally Ho!
You may be able to post things here for free but, trust me on this, this gang of reprobates will make you pay somehow.
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