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A New Phantom Has Arrived

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For the first time since 1929, a new motorcycle has rolled out of the Phantom Motorcycle Manufacturing works. The new machine, dubbed the Phantom EG will be publicly displayed for the first time on May 23rd and 24th, 2009 at the International Custom Bike Show at London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre. You may learn more about the company and the machine at The Phantom Manufacturing Co., producer of quality sporting auto cycles for discerning gentlemen or follow up to the minute on Twitter @EThump. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Did you ever perfect the starting issues with the Twizzler model? It seems more gunpowder would have facilitated better results.

The right honorable steam pipe fitter has his opinions and I have mine. While I might have been exposed to the somewhat adeling effects of 115/145 avgas on occasion, it is still my firm belief, nay my extreme right and duty as a subject of the Crown to explore and dwelve into the somewhat mundane obsession with pinwheel start mechanisms and such. If you will pardon me Sir!
Here here! Good Show! Pip pip and all that.
Yes, quite.
Huzzah! X2
Join the Masons, you'd fit right in with the little fire engines and Cushman Eagles...
Erasmus, please check out the MX forum here in for rare and esoteric machinery not elsewhere displayed for viewing purposes.

While these motorcycles do not have the advantage of Lucas electrics, or the superior Amal Monobloc, and are mostly devoid of "sludge traps", they still rate high in the world of unobtainium and have a high "gosh" factor.
Firms? Films? E Gads...

Favourite films? I though you said favourite firms? Have to get new bifocals...

On Any Sunday, of course.

Here's yours truly with one of the stars at the Monsters of MX can guess who it is...


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1 - 8 of 40 Posts
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