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A New Phantom Has Arrived

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For the first time since 1929, a new motorcycle has rolled out of the Phantom Motorcycle Manufacturing works. The new machine, dubbed the Phantom EG will be publicly displayed for the first time on May 23rd and 24th, 2009 at the International Custom Bike Show at London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre. You may learn more about the company and the machine at The Phantom Manufacturing Co., producer of quality sporting auto cycles for discerning gentlemen or follow up to the minute on Twitter @EThump. We look forward to hearing from you!
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I do believe i feel a Huzzah! coming on...
It would be cool to have a 'modern' engine, with a slim profile, in an old-timey frame. Big, wrap around bars, gigantic rear sprocket.

But, what would you do with it? Ride it in parades, maybe?
An integrated vapor release may not be such a ludicrous idea after all. Not to exploit my tradesman background but I have on many occasions worn the heavy duty OD green military issue coveralls, or "Mean Greens" as they were called.... In point of fact it's safe to say I fairly lived in them for a number of months at a time while Defending the Frontier of Freedom and Keeping the World Safe for Democracy aboard US Naval vessels

Owing to their weight and thickness they could be somewhat uncomfortable in the hot confines of a shipboard engineering space so we naturally being fit young men, in hotter climates wore little if anything underneath them. Given the somewhat pedestrian nature of shipboard cooking flatulence was often an issue and it was indeed dissagreable to break wind in your coveralls and have the vapors waft out around your neck, having nowhere else to vent.

Often times due to the thickness of the material the "gas pocket" would remain entrapped therein for an astonishingly long time, to the point that a fellow would have forgotten all about his little time-bomb until he took a break and upon sitting down with cigarette and coffee in hand was treated to a rather pungent reminder, owing to the bellows effect of the maneuver upon the garment.

Thus an Integrated Vapor Release Saddle would be a jolly good idea from both a health standpoint and simple common decency as the vapors take on a certain staleness over time.
And lemme tell ya, coveralls have nothing on a diver's dry suit! Especially if you were diving a rebreather! Wow!

Sitting on a stage during decompression could be a special kind of hell if you had picked the wrong thing(s) for dinner the night before.

You will, no doubt, be deluged with a myriad of titles. However, I'd like to toss one into the ring...

Although not a 'motorcycle' film, I have always been very fond of 'Vanishing Point.'

A classic 'car' movie, it has a wonderful, albeit very short, segment featuring a small Honda motorcycle.
The bike looks absolutely fabulous! Well done!

And the site isn't half bad, either!
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