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A New Way to Cruise

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First, I think. It will take a little getting used to the look, but it is kind of attractive for the born to be mild set.
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As a proud owner of a few Korean automobiles, I'm excited and pleased that we're finding more and more of their prodcuts coming over here. I know a lot of people I would recommend this bike too, and as long as the looks of it don't bother them to much, the power, handling, and price would sell them for sure.
When I first saw this thing in orange, I thought the bike was a joke. However, it looks pretty good in silver and the blue ain't bad either. The other tests I've read were very positive too. It's good to see a fresh approach to a performance cruiser. I tip my hat to Hyosung. Now if I could just get that goofy Japanese cartoon charachter outta my head when I hear the bike's name...
Competition is always good.

Competition is always good.

Think Harley would have come out with the V-Rod in the first place without competition.

Hell no they wouldn’t!!
Some guy opened a Hyosung shop a couple of miles from my house. I stopped and looked at the few models he has last Saturday. The Avitar looks kind of funky in person, but then so do most cruisers.

However the 250 V-twins look sharp.
Actually, not a bad looking bike. I think they could black out the frame and calm down with the chrome (maybe more of a nickel or brushed aluminum look) and they would have a winner in the looks department.

I think the Japanese 4 should get a little worried at this point. This bike will take sales from them for sure. I doubt Harley will feel much pain from Hyosung. People that want a Harley will buy one, and for those that don't, Hyosung will be a new option.
Anything that will make it look more like a V-Rod than it already does will help.
At least someone finally figured out that middleclass cruisers can actually make more than 35HP.
I wasn't sure "proud" and "Korean automobile" could be used properly in the same sentence. LOL
Chesty Puller

After reading this article I did 25 pushups for Chesty Puller. Marines will know what I'm talking about.
"So is this a bike I would buy? I think I would strongly consider it, ...."

C'mon, you really would consider buying one of these things? Why on earth would you do that considering all the other bikes out there? Reading the article, it looks like its minuses outweigh the pluses by a good margin. Not to mention it is funny looking.
It's the Bourbon talking.
I wonder if when the Korean Free trade agreement goes down so will the price?
They could turn this into a full-blown middleweight cruiser by putting a huge wheel on the back, adding about 300 lbs of lead to it and stretching the front forks another foot. The power-to-weight ratio and handling would match up perfectly.
Rejoice!! entry level riders. You can have big twin hp in a lite, low-slung motorcycle and not look too bad while learning the ropes.
Wow that thing looks hideous and chintzy. It looks like it's made from the same chromed plastic that's used to make those faux rim/hub-caps you see on ghetto fabulous cages.
If I were in the market for something on the level of a 750Shadow/800Marauder... you bet. This looks like it beats the crap out of any of the other middleweight cruisers. Honda shoulda put a ~65hp plant in the Shadow years ago.

Maybe the Koreans will break the Big4 out of their lethargy.
There is no spoon rusty enough to scoop my eyes out with.
Hey! I kind of like the Giant Mantis motif.
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