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A New Way to Cruise

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First, I think. It will take a little getting used to the look, but it is kind of attractive for the born to be mild set.
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Re: Chesty Puller

One for the for the for for for for Dan for Red Mike for for for the girls at for San for for for for the Walking for Hue for for Belleau for my for my for my for my for my for for the fleet....

News Flash: no one cares about the price of tea in China. Go curl up in a corner and die, you pathetic facsimile of a human being.

--The Fox

P.S. Stop bypassing the swearing filter. It's there to prevent the use of swear words typed in anger. Spelling them phonetically in order to bypass the filter defeats the purpose of the filter, and only shows that you can't think of anything better to say. Of course, I learned this when I was 7, so maybe I'm ahead of the game.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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