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A New Way to Cruise

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First, I think. It will take a little getting used to the look, but it is kind of attractive for the born to be mild set.
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A good chick's bike

Nice review.. I can see how it could be confused with the V-Rod from a distance.. I think it might be a good bike for my wife.. If I could get some HD stickers to put on it. Great pictures...
The big factor is the exchange rate...

I think the exchange rate will continue be the biggest factor in how these bikes will sell, because in that market segment price is everything. [*]With W's reckless fiscal policy of record budget deficits. which will be passed on the next administration and generation, you will see the dollar to continue it's death sprial See the 5 year chart [*]The Chinese currency has been falling ever since it was unpegged. [*]So the Koreans are figuring out that those dollars we pay them aren't worth much. Our manufacturing base is gone, hi-tech is crippled and our Walmart economy won't be able to sustain our appepite for Japanese, Chinese and Korean goods. Plus oil prices will rise because the Arabs will figure out that our dollar isn't worth shyt. [*]Thank God we have the worlds most productive farmers and the best aerospace companies in the world exporting planes, satellites , missiles, fighters, etc.
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he Chinese currency has been rising ever since it was unpegged.
You just described longride's Harley
Re: Correction

Nice try but you missed..
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