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A New Way to Cruise

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First, I think. It will take a little getting used to the look, but it is kind of attractive for the born to be mild set.
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It's the quickest way to *****-off the copyright attorneys too.
Ridden it, have you? Gave it a good Rogerin', eh?
I thought I was clear...

Looking over what I wrote, I make the case that the Avitar is distinctive-looking, comfortable, good-handling, fast and in general fun and easy to ride. Were I in the market for a Cruiser (not likely, but you never know), I would strongly consider this bike, as it's a good value and they are frequently discounted, plus it's hard to pass up a bike with a two-year warranty.

Negatives? Weird build quality, crummy brakes and suspension and maybe the wheelbase is too long. But I don't think those negatives outweigh the plusses.

Oh, and I would only use Bourbon to clean paintbrushes.

Re: Chesty Puller

One for the for the for for for for Dan for Red Mike for for for the girls at for San for for for for the Walking for Hue for for Belleau for my for my for my for my for my for for the fleet....
And I for one...

Welcome our new masters!

News Flash: no one cares about the price of tea in China. Go curl up in a corner and die, you pathetic facsimile of a human being.

--The Fox

P.S. Stop bypassing the swearing filter. It's there to prevent the use of swear words typed in anger. Spelling them phonetically in order to bypass the filter defeats the purpose of the filter, and only shows that you can't think of anything better to say. Of course, I learned this when I was 7, so maybe I'm ahead of the game.
Re: I thought I was clear...

I thought your write-up was clear. It maybe that I just put more weight on the negative points of the bike than you would. Cruisers are usually challenged in the suspension department and this one sounds worse than usual. This one is goofy looking, and bad brakes can get you hurt. Not sure what you mean by 'weird build quality,' but it doesn't sound good. It sounds like they have a ways to go yet, and six grand could probably be better spent elsewhere, first time buyer or not. I am not knocking your review; it was a good job. Just curious about the 'would consider buying' comment because it didn't seem to follow.
The recent re-badging of this bike in UnitedMotors form really increased the dealership base. Definately a brand on the move.
It's been done. It's known as the "Trend Killer". Hacked the rear end/fender of it and put on a 240 rear tire. This site has some pics of the TrendKiller and their own variant

owner forum for Hyosungs and others
Re: I thought I was clear...

I'll clean your paintbrushes for you. Just send them, along with a case of Makers Mark, to me and I'll get right to it.
Makes me wonder if Suzuki is going to wake up and put a prettied up SV650 motor in a M50 type frame. Why the hell not?
Re: I thought I was clear...

I think we need to quantify what constitutes "bad" brakes in this context. I'm sure gabe was comparing the brakes feel to tyhe other current bikes he's ridden, and from the article, it seems his complaints are centered on feel (wooden) and initial bite (weak), these two qualities don't constitute "Bad" brakes in the sense that they won't stop the motorcycle (which WOULD get you hurt) but rather "of lesser comparitive quality" than other bikes whose brakes bite harder initially and have better lever feel.

I used to ride a Suzuki Intruder 1400, which had both those characteristics which he describes, poor lever feel, and low iniital bite, but they could still howl the tire, given a good foru-finger squeeze, and they never failed to stop me.

It is my opinion that the hyosing brakes aren't "bad" in the "can't-stop-the-bike" sense, ratehr thet they just don't feel as good as other bikes in operation. they'll still get you stopped.
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I'll remember that the next time you put your 2 cents in about a bike that you don't own.
i don't get it.

(*scratches over-prominent brow clumsily with newly-discovered opposable thumb*)
now i get it. your "sorry, i have small kids" threw me off, and as a result, must have churned through every dirty meaning of fire nation...
Re: Learning Curve

I'm not so sure about the Red Chinese - they've shown remarkably little interest in trying to bring their product quality up, only trying to undercut prices. That can work for toasters, but I'm not convinced they intend to, or even have any interest in, build a bike that competes on quality with established brands. Heck, the Chinese haven't even cared to establish a brand name, what with their selling the same thing under a couple dozen names.
Re: The big factor is the exchange rate...

Maybe i'm missing something here...

What does the value of chinese currency have to do with a S. Korean made bike???
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