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A perfect compliment to Armchaps

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I already have mine, Buzz. All the rest of you guys better pass inspection with a set of these or you're out.
I use these for holding the bottom of the arm chaps so they don't flap in the breeze. I got the Skull/Iron Cross combo Martin, because you KNOW I need to look cool!
Inspections are when you least expect it. We know true GPTB members are arm-chapped and stirupped at all times.
"PS I really thought that "Keg of Beer" thing would have closed the deal."

Throw in a bottle of Tequila and your in for life.
Re: The Proud new member!

Don't listen to those guys. A TRUE GPTB member drinks a Milwaukee made brew. They brew it with water filtered through old socks which is located on the roof of the H-D factory.
Let's clear this up

There seems to be lots of misinformtion as to what it takes to be a GPTB member. Being a Senior Founding Member along with Seruzawa, Sarnali, and Buzz, I will clear up this mess. Here are some posted inaccuracies and my responses:

"Baby Boomer preferred but not required must have an exemption if not"

Wrong! GPTB members must actually own a motorycle, which this poster does not.

"Cruiser Rider preferred but not required must have an exemption if not"

Wrong again! Must actually know how to operate a motorcycle, again a skill this poster is missing.

"Hate KPaul (must vote in MO poll to have him voluntarily leave)"

Wrong! All GPTB members want him to HONOR HIS PROMISE to leave. He lost the vote he asked for, and now won't leave. Typical of a loser, and non GPTB member.

"Hate Squids"

Another falsehood. We hate squidly behavior. Squids make a fine appitizer at many a dinner.

"Have years of riding experience. If not must be in Jr GPTB program"

He finally got one right. Someone that CAN and DOES ride. Actually, if you don't do those things why would you hang out here? Maybe to call people morons, post political nonsense, and follow posters around like a lost schoolgirl?

"Love leather accesories of all kinds"

More like make fun of leather accessories of all kinds. Some people just don't get it.

"Hate full-face helmets"

Don't know where this BS came from . I bet the average GPTB member has more full face helmets than this poster does. I have 3 full face and 2 3/4 helmets. Someone doesn't know what he is talking about. Anyone suprised?

"Hate manadatory helmet laws"

Does this dummy know anybody that loves mandatory helmet laws? Even the most avid wearer would probably concede that keeping the Gov out of personal safety laws is a good thing. So this dummy is against freedom of choice? Typical. No GPTB member is against helmets.

"Love beer (all beer brands consumed must be on the approved GPTB beer standard list"

He forgot Tequila, and of course, all the stuff the other founders love to drink. True GPTB save the drinks until AFTER the ride. But after the ride, look out! Things could get ugly!

"Post on MO daily"

NONE of our members posts every day. There are many day where I post nothing. Yesterday was an example. Now I know ONE poster that posts nonsense on every thread, to everybody, every day. That would be the same guy that lost the vote, broke his promise and refused to leave. Anybody know who that would be?

"Must pass Sean Alexander rider test, burrito eating, and beer drinking contest"

Good contest, but not a requirement. More like a guideline. Besides, if we had to out-consume Sean, he would be the only member standing.

"Wish KPaul would stop typing"

Now he finally got one that would be the centerpoint of a good GPTB member, and why SportBike Pilot is a member in good standing and moving up the ladder quickly. So, by our standards, that makes pretty much everyone eligible to be GPTB members. There is one poster in particular who will never make the grade. He's the guy that lies about everyone, and knows pretty much everything, on every subject. He won't leave, even though he said he would, so we can see how much class he has. He slowed down for a short while, but I predict he will be back to his old self in no time. He couldn't stand when he was not posting and nobody cared. The board is better and more fun without his presence. Hopefully, he figured out that the GPTB is everyone but HIM.
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